On Page Enter vs On Before Page Enter

When deciding between using On Page Enter and On Before Page Enter,
what criteria should I base the decision on?

Above screenshot: In UI Builder, inside the menu for Page Logic.

While progressing through the Missions, I became curious about these two similar handlers.

I would just like to know what considerations I should keep in mind when building my own apps - how to think about these two handlers.


Hello @Causality!

The “On Before Page Enter” event triggers immediately before the page loads or reloads, ideal for initializing actions or setups ahead of time.
The “On Page Enter” event, on the other hand, fires once the page has fully loaded or reloaded, perfect for executing actions that require access to the complete page.

Choosing between these two options depends on whether you need to perform actions before the page starts loading or after it has fully loaded, including during reloads.


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Thank you for confirming. :+1:

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