One off export from springboard?

Hey Team,
I have been doing some dev work on the springboard plan and just signed up a new cloud 9 plan for the prod app.

I have done the sync changes and that worked great. However I need to get the database information to the prod one as I had a live test run on it and I would rather not get those users to have to re-enter all their data.

When going to export the database it tells me I need to be on a paid plan.
Could you please help me with a one off export on the springboard plan considering it is moving it to a paid plan?

Dev appid: 42CA9CDD-0B23-B8A7-FFAB-6A21EFF3C700
Prod appid: 58D8D0AA-DB5C-703A-FF22-DFA32B1E6800

Thank you

Unfortunately, springboard doesn’t support export/import. For the needs of tests, you may buy the cheapest plan on one month.
Or try to ask your question on the

Hi Leon,

The issue here is not that we don’t want to help. The task itself seems minor, however, when looking at it at scale, with tens of thousands of developers, we would set a precedent that would be rather disruptive for our support team.

What I recommend is the following: temporarily switch your Dev app to Cloud9, perform export/import, and return the Dev app to Springboard. A prorated credit will be calculated for the Dev app and we will be able to transfer that credit to your Prod app. This way when the next billing on the Prod app happens, it will use the credit first.

Kind regards,

Totally understand, thank you for the prompt answer and that makes complete sense to do it that way :slight_smile: