One problem with the deployment of chatgpt API

I tried to deploy the chatgpt API in backendless cloud code, but failed to invoke. the url is and the API key is from my personal project in openai. Any error for this? Or I only need to become a paid plan user for this deployment service?


Hi @Jimmy

Could you please provide more details/context?
Are you developing your own API Service?


yes, Vlad, thanks for response.

I’m developing RAG function of AI to share private knowledge with customers. the frontend is designed in Backendless UI. The backend should be deployed in codeless way, with pinecone API and chatGPT API in API service sector.

Now pinecone API is fine to invoke while ChatGPT API failed. I checked the API key and endpoint of chatgpt for several times and no result. So I wonder Backendless can be connected to openai API key for this development or not?


Backendless API Services just provide you a way to run your custom code or codeless, so it means you can run any logic including making any API requests inside

According to the error “Service method not found” it sounds like the issue is with your API Service not with ChatGPT API

Try to remove dots in the API Method route path

seems It works after replacing dots with slash, tks for help.