Oops. An internal error

Hi there, I am having this internal error for the past 12 hrs at least, in the UI builder. I thought it would be temporary but it’s not. I have clear cookies, cleared cache, logged out and logged back in but no luck. Is the issue on the client side or on the backend?

Thank you.

Hello @KLoic

Can you clarify where you catch this error? Also, provide please your app id.

Regards, Dima.

Sorry I forgot to attach a screenshot in my previous post

Here is the URL that I am trying to load: Backendless

APP id: 3582DD7F-A8F0-29F3-FF73-93A0D20A5F00


Here is the internal error code in case it helps: Oops. An internal error [beb639ddd009afbf3b2f6bf9ca24dac2] has occurred.

Hello @KLoic

The issue has been fixed, could you please check?
I noticed that your page User-Page- contains a strange directory RT-User-Activity, have you added it manually?

Regards, Vlad

yes it’s fixed. It’s not the first time it happens to me btw.

User-Page- : yes i added manually with a Timer that I triggered manually.

RT-User-Activity: I created manually from the UI builder.

What’s wrong with this? Should I avoid using hyphens and use underscore instead?

Thank you

I see,

This problem happens because you added ui-builder/containers/default/pages/User-Page- but without the necessary files (page.json, index.html, etc)

Thanks @vladimir-upirov

I did this by testing the Renaming feature in Timers. I wanted to test how to rename a directory. How else should I do this without having the UI crash?

In order to rename directory you can use the following block:

and as result you receive this:


Thanks @vladimir-upirov , would you mind resending me the full screenshot, the left side is cut off, can’t see the block you used.

Hello @KLoic

If you want to test blocks, you can create the simple service in Business Logic