OpenAI / ChatGPT - Creating a GUI and a backend / database for helping complex manual work with its submissions and settings

Working with OpenAI manually is time consuming in many cases.
A solution would be useful which:

  1. frontend looks like its Playground with additional features like:
  • able to export/import (chat) submisssions with text sequences and submission settings

  • able to add metadata to submission items ( like rating or comment to a specific AI Assistant Completion or to a System Prompt )

  • able to filter, sort etc. the stored Submissions by their field values ( also by metadata )

  1. Backend / database: able to store those Submissions with their metadata and eg. their related Goals.
    I mean a Goal is: “Summarize Backendless main features and benefits by using its docs uploaded”
    but that can be tried by many different sequences of System and User Prompts and chat settings like Temp or Model etc.,
    so it would be useful to be able to CRUD these entities and their metadata and view / filter / sort them in different views.

I think such a solution would be a huge success in Marketplace !

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Hello @Vane_Treg!

Thank you for sharing this interesting idea! :+1:
We appreciate your input and will definitely discuss it with our team to explore the possibilities of implementing such a solution.


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