Optimize data structure for performance

    I think I read on a page in the docs or the API cookbook about how to structure your data in order to speed up queries. It contained some tips about the JSON data structure.
But I can not find the document. Is there such an info or am I wrong?

I do not remember such a document, but in a gist, the recommendations are:

    Keep your tables normalized, do not try to jam a bunch of columns into a single table. This should be treated just like with good OOD/OOP Avoid auto-loads as much as possible. We developed them to simplify quick prototyping, however, for production apps that are not recommended. Assign constraints such as indexes, they will help with data retrieval. Use [url=https://backendless.com/documentation/utilities/rest/ut_caching_rest.htm]server-side cache[/url] for data that does not change often.
Regards, Mark


Avoid auto-loads as much as possible.

also count for auto-loading a GeoPoint location column?

Yes, even more so than with table-to-table auto-loads.


Thank you very much for the info.