Optional(FAULT = '3011' [Properties 'password' are required] <Properties 'password' are required> )

I got this strange error only using an actual device iphone5.

No problems at all using iphone 6, 6 plus or simulator.


Here is the code:

let user = backendless.userService.currentUser

            user.setProperty("cases", object: myNewUserCase)


            user.setProperty("customers", object: myCustomer)




            var error: Fault?

            let result = backendless.data.save(user, error: &error) as? Users

            if error == nil {

                print("User record have been saved: \(result)")

                print("Case ID: \(myNewUserCase.objectId)")


                // Proceed to file upload if needed

                if isPictureTaken == true {


                } else {

                    // ends here





            else {

                print("SaveCaseForUser Server reported an error: \(error)")

                self.doErrorReporting((error?.message)!, myTitle: "Error!", mystyle: AlertStyle.Error )



I solved the problem by having only one instance of the user object.