OR query not working as expected


It seems like the “OR” keyword in queries doesn’t work as expected. Here is what I have:

Each User has a reference to three other users, known as supervisorA, supervisorB and supervisorC.

I would like to retrieve every user who has the current logged in user as either supervisor A, B or C.

This is the WHERE clause I use:

supervisorA.objectId = '3572C6A3-3BC3-1FEA-FFF3-0D73B9F06F00' 
or supervisorB.objectId = '3572C6A3-3BC3-1FEA-FFF3-0D73B9F06F00' 
or supervisorC.objectId = '3572C6A3-3BC3-1FEA-FFF3-0D73B9F06F00'

It doesn’t work.
What is really strange, is that this clause alone, will work:

supervisorA.objectId = '3572C6A3-3BC3-1FEA-FFF3-0D73B9F06F00' 

If supervisorA alone works, adding “or” should not return fewer results, it doesn’t make sense.

I tried this example on a self-hosted Backendless Server, and your Backendless hosted service (App ID: 0E7EADCE-0358-1448-FFBA-35EDC59E7C00 ).

I hope my explanations are clear.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, Dylan!

Thank you for reporting. I’ve opened an internal task for this issue and it would be fixed soon.
best regards,