Our account shows out of storage

Our app when we try to make some new container or add codeless blocks error comes out of storage.

I have checked the limits but its no where near the limits.

Kindly advise

app id

Hello @dbasilapp

I just created an empty “Backendless_Support” container in your app and it seems to work for me. Could you please tell me exactly what error you are encountering? Does this error apply to “Local Storage”?


Pls see the image

This is local storage. It has nothing to do with your account. Local storage is used to cache codeless logic data in your browser.

Click the down arrow icon in the green bar, then click the trash bin icon.

it shows the following kindly advise which are ones to be deleted

tks for the reply I have deleted those and after few seconds when i do edit the blocks again the error shows

and now a single entry with green. I deleted that also

and now again its showing the grey row error

kindly advise

Perhaps this will help:

Hi I have cleared all browsing history and cache and restarted the browser and the error has disappeared. Thank you.

A quick question would be how to sort a data table ui component based on one of the fields before loading.

example i have a data table component displaying a table data based on where conditions, but i dont know where to mention the default sorting field option.

Kindly advise

Marking this topic as resolved. Please create a new topic for the other question.