Out of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size

Hi I am getting this on error on the console and also in an iOS app.

out of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size

Seems to be happening on the USER table in a couple of my apps


hello @mike-turner

please make sure that you have added an index to the column you have sorting

HI Sergey, thanks for this, I thought this had helped and was the solution, but apparently not quite.


Weird one this, if on the console I do an SQL search on the USERS Table

name like ‘mike’ works fine
name like ‘helen’ works fine

name like ‘heidi’ causes an out of sort memory error
name like ‘heidi444’ works (does not find anything)

So I think there is a record with heidi as the name which is causing a problem. I can’t manually scroll through the table and find this record because it is showing the out of sort memory error unless I perform a sort (probably because performing a sort might be excluding this heidi record from the result set?)

I’m not sure why a record is causing the problem, maybe it doesn’t meet a certain constraint?



similar problem in app 7EFD57D0-0366-41B6-9841-FAA1360ED5EE on users table.
name = ‘mike’ results in out of sort memory error
name = ‘sally’ is fine!

Hi Sergey, have you had a chance to look at this as the apps are still crashing and the console too if I do these searches! Apps have been running a long time and never seen this before, but I suspect it did start a couple of months ago but only just been discovered.

Hello @mike-turner

We are still investigating the problem.


Hi @viktor.liablin

Any progress?

Hello @mike-turner

We are working on it.
As soon as there are any results, we will definitely inform you about them here.


Hi Guys

Any solution in sight yet? It isn’t just causing a problem on the console, it is also causing a problem on some live apps using the backend so it is important to us to get it fixed as soon as poss.

Many thanks


Hello @mike-turner,

We’re actively working on this ticket and doing our best to get it into the release as soon as possible.
Sorry for any inconvenience this might be causing.
We’ll update you in this thread as soon as everything is ready.

Thanks for your patience!


Hello @mike-turner

The issue you have described has been fixed.

But I see some strange data for some accounts.

As I see you have enabled facebook oauth provider. How do you login it, using android SDK, or JS or any other way

Thanks Sergey, thats great

We login through android and iOS SDK via app

We did for a time allow users to login and sign up through website using JS but we did get some spam accounts that way so we stopped that option until we tighten it up.

I wonder if you are seeing that data if so I will take a look.