Overwriting uploaded image not working in app

While uploading an image file to backendless file storage, I enabled overwrite. But the image is been overwritten in file storage but on getting the image back to the app, I am getting my very first image been uploaded. Plz how do I change image. (I am trying to create a display image that is changeable but on uploading a new image which is suppose to overwrite the previous image. It seems to keep returning the very first image uploaded.) Tanx in advance.

Hello @Yomade_Stephens
Seems it’s a cache issue, if the file url is not changed, perhaps your device returns already cached image.

Regards, Vlad

Any help regarding what to do in this situation. Because I am using glide to load image from server(Backendless file storage).

check this out https://bumptech.github.io/glide/doc/caching.html#cache-invalidation
it might be what you need

Tanxs for the help. I used the link and it worked out well. I Really appreciate.