Ownerid connection

I am building my app in Draftbit.
I am using Backendless as my backend.

How do i handle ownerid?
I mean, does uploaded data from the app get connected in backendless ownerid automatically?
Do i have to connect the logged in user to the ownerid now during the creation stage of the app?
If so, how does one do that?

Hi Magnus Josefsson!

I’m sorry, it’s not quite clear to me what the point of the question is, could you please clarify?
I can also recommend looking at the documentation, as well as taking the missions on our website (Product Tour).
This will make it a lot easier for you to continue to work with Backendless.



Sorry for not clarifying.

its about when a app user posting anything to any table at backendless. do the ownerid get copies automatically within backendless? since ownerid is created when user is created and has access to ownerid when logged into to the app. then when posting anything to any table in backendless thru the app. do backnedless take the ownerid from the user table(active user at the moment) and add it to the post in the table where the post is posted within backendless?

of course i will read more.


Hi @Magnus_Josefsson ,

Owner ID is set to your records automatically when this records created on behalf of user. In other words, if you send with “create record” request user auth token in headers, record will be created with ownerId field filled with ID of authenticated user.
Also you can set/change value for that field from your code or Console if it is required.

Regards, Andriy


Thanks Andriy.