ownerId not getting captured


While working on permissions for different objects at user level, I have noticed that ‘ownerId’ doesn’t get populated against new objects created by the user in tables.

This seems to be happening in cases where new objects have been created by user just after registering them. Can you suggest how can I capture the ‘ownerId’ property for any new object that gets populated just after registering (not following the flow after login).

Hi, @Vishal_Lodhi

I have not been able to reproduce this issue in my app. You need to make sure that a user token is added to the request in order for the object to be created by an authorized user, owner, and have the ownerId values.


you are right the user token is not getting generated after registering a user. Is there a way to give a user token for the session to the user?

@Vishal_Lodhi, It depends on how you work with the UI Builder or some SDK. User token values should be added to request headers.
You can enable cookie-based authorization as one of the options. Please take a look at the documentation to learn more about this functionality:

Cookie Based Authorization - Backendless REST API Documentation

You can read more about maintaining user sessions at this link:

Backendless Login API - Backendless REST API Documentation


thank you.