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ownerId null when sending to Business Logic

(Jonathan ) #1

I’m using iOS swift code to send an object to my Business Logic. When it is sent from my IOS app, I can see the ownerId field but when I print out the JSON object in the logs of my business logic, the object is there, but the ‘ownerId’ field is null. Is this intentional? I cannot use this field reliably if it is showing up as null in business logic. I’m using javascript business logic, and inside the app I am a logged in user.

(Jonathan ) #2

Nevermind, I think there may have been a problem with the way I was passing the object to IOS library

(Jonathan ) #3

Correction, this is actually happening when there is __arrayRef or __objectRef showing up, So I guess when there is a circular relation in the object I’m sending to the business logic service? Can someone look into that?

(Mark Piller) #4

Hi Jonathan,

We’ll be happy to look into it. So that we can reproduce the issue, could you post an example of an object/class you’re sending with the API as well as the actual API you use. As I understood the problem is the ownerId property is null, so we will be checking that part with the data/code you share.