Page does not work in Safari


My applications is working fine for people who are using Chrome or Edge, but there is one page which does not get loaded when the user is using Safari.

Do you have any tips in what this might be? With lambdatest i have been able to use Safari from my windows pc.

The application has two finds which do not load:



Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

how we can reproduce this issue? Is there any public page I can open in Safari?


Hello Stanislaw,

Application ID = 30960D18-DC9C-C94C-FFD9-AECB1619B200
you can login using credentials Lo002 password Backendlesshelp1!

Go to Mijn dossiers:

Select line 004307 for example in this table:

Then you get in the page startconsult which gave the problem in Safari.

At the moment it seems to be solved by changing the Set Repeater Data block as the first repeater data block, it was the fourth. But please have a look to see if you see anything strange in Safari.

So is everything fine now?

Updated my reply above, please check

Thank you. The page opened and displayed without problems… Perhaps the version of Safari you are using matters. What version of your Safari?

Hello Stanislaw,

I am not sure, because it is the user who experienced problems.
Up untill now it is working correctly so lets close this case.
Thanks Stanislaw!


It’s great to hear that everything is fine now. If you have any issues like this in the future, please let us know and we will definitely look into the issue.


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