Page size Standalone server

Dear team,
I would like to ask you if the restriction 100 records for one page (page size) is also for Standalone server ? Isn’t there any setup how to increase this limit ?
Many thanks in advance

In free version it is restricted. To get additional capabilities ask question to

Is this still the case?

In future I’ll have a table with more than 100 records (but less than 300), each holding a GeoPoint that I want to display on a map. I don’t think that Google Maps and Paging are a good match.

I’m not really sure what the best way would be to implement this if I want to show all markers at once.

Hi Tom,

The maximum page size in the Cloud version is 100 objects. This limitation can be worked around by creating an API service that fetches all data and returns a single data set to the invoking client. The service can be implemented with Java, JS or Codeless.

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I was thinking along the same lines. Thanks for confirming my thoughts!!