Page Transition Mission - Part 1

Task: Button click navigation

Please, describe your problem here.

Task validation failure - I have repeated this first of 2 page transition tasks several times and it still fails - I have no idea what the issue is :frowning:

Hello @Cheryl_Harris

Describe sequentially how you complete the mission. It is important to remember that you must follow all the steps in the instructions.


Hi Inna,

I am aware that all the steps need to be followed. I have done this multiple times and it still fails. Are there any common issues I need to be aware of?

Many thanks,

I was able to reproduce the problem. Thank you for message. An internal ticket has been created to resolve this issue. We will notify you when the problem is resolved.

Thank you Inna.


Please try now to validate the task.

  1. Open the preview of the page with the button.
  2. Click on the button and go to TargetPage1
  3. Using the browser’s “go back” button, return to the page and try to validate the task

Also, your logic for the button is missing the page name.