Pagesize limit

For cloud version whats the max pagesize?


for Cloud it’s 100, for Pro and Managed installations it can be changed

Thanks, Vlad

Hi Vlad,

In my app I started getting the error at anything above 100 pages as seen below:
We have a partnership account with Backendless - is this different from a Pro account?

Please let me know

Hi Armandt,

The maximum page size in the Cloud version of the product is 100 objects/records. You can make multiple calls with different offset to page through the dataset. The limit is configurable in the Pro and Managed versions of the product.


Hi Mark,

Do you maybe have some documentation or a video example that shows how multiple calls with page offsets would work when trying to retrieve more than 100 records from the database? I was not able to get it right on my own

Please let me know

Hi @Armandt_du_Preez ,

Do you implement it with Codeless, one of our SDKs or using REST?


It is implemented in codeless. An example below shows how I intend to use the database call. The ‘page size’ is determined by the amount of records that is stored under the ownerId of the current logged in user. This works fine up to 100 records, beyond 100 records is where it stops working

I did put in a request for pricing on a Pro or Managed plan, but I was just curious about the multiple calls and page offsets you mentioned in the earlier resolution and how that would work exactly

Here’s an article that describes how to load multiple objects using paging:

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That’s the one!

Thank you Mark, it works like a charm so far.