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parameters are wronfuly inserted to table

(Tal Seren) #1

using this js file:

this model:

with this URL:
and archy is being saved as the app id, and 9090 as adnetwork,
instead of the opposite

(Mark Piller) #2


For us to work on a problem from the support perspective, we ask developers to identify a specific API which you believe is not working properly. We cannot review your code (small or large). Please identify the issue in the terms of API and post a specific problem description.


(Tal Seren) #3

Hi Mark,

turns out it was a bug in the table presentation, after I switched the order of the columns it was fixed.
see screenshot

(Mark Piller) #4

Hi Tal,

This is a known console problem in Backendless 3. It occurs when the order of the columns or their visibility is changed by the developer. The problem can be resolved by clearing local storage for We fixed the problem in version 4 of Backendless.


(Tal Seren) #5

Ok. thank you