parse to backendless migration and send push niotification already register user in gcm ?

i have already one app that is currently online it’s backend is parse now i have decide to migrate to backendless i have upload all data of it in backendless as zip format and it create table for me but in this table i have all device id for sending push notification but i can’t able to see that id in push notification message screen how can i send push notifiction my user from backendless ?


I would start with the documentation. How about this to get you going?:


Mark Piller,
Thank you for creating very nice backend platform for us
i have already acheive push notification in android in backendless in my demo but my question is upper i want to migrate from parse to backendless and i have already upload zip file data from parse to backendless and creating table , my app is now live and i have all user device id how can i able to send push notification from backendless to user? please give answer thanks again…

Mark Piller,
hi !,i hope you give answer as much as fast

Having device IDs is not sufficient. Devices must be registered using Backendless’ registerDevice API.