Parse zip file import time

I watched Marks presentation and migrated a very small Parse application with the exported zip file. The file is small and only a few records. It has been over an hour and only the json files are in the import folder and the user table and one app table created with no related data in them. I have not gotten an email on the completion nor the progress file in the import folder so I am assuming it is waiting to be imported. I just thought that since it was about as small of a application as Mark did in the video that the import would be rather quick.

Not a problem I can wait for the email but just wanted to ask if these imports are “queued” or if there might be some other issue and I need to delete my app and try again.


Hi Stan,

Could you please email the file you imported to ?

It is not the size of the file that matter, but more so the contents. We’d like to test it out in our environment to understand where it fails.


Thanks Mark…I sent the file.

I do have one question regarding the app with Parse frameworks and the PF calls for saving, query, and table/column references. Can I still keep those in the app as long as the tables and columns are named the same in Backendless or do I have to remove those foundations and replace with your calls?

I only see in the documentation the changes for the AppDelegate file to put the id and secret lines etc. The app is in swift.

ps any chance of a Swift example file soon? I have looked over the examples files in the SDK and have tried to build/run them but they don’t bring up the simulator with the storyboard in the project.

Anyway thanks. I am new to building IOS and it seems most people are moving to Heroku or Firebase but I wanted to move it to AWS S3 but it is pretty complicated and no online tutorials. So when I saw your video and I am originally from Dallas I wanted to support your efforts.


Parse APIs talk to the Parse backend. You can keep them in your code, but to communicate with Backendless, you need to use Backendless API.

ps any chance of a Swift example file soon?

Every single API for the user service and data service has an example in Swift. Have you checked the docs? If that is not enough, there is an API Cookbook right here with complete examples in Swift:


This can be closed. I deleted the App and recreated it then exported a new zip file from Parse and it worked this time an imported the data. Not sure why it didn’t work before but it worked now.

We deployed an update to the import from Parse algorithm on Monday. There were improvements that solved some of the problems developers encountered earlier.