Pass string parameter with quotes

I need to pass json into service as string parameter

But when i pass it - string is cut to first quotes meet

my json example:

if i manually change for debug " to ’ - string is not cutting.

The problem is that you’re trying to convert JSON object, e.g.

{"a" : "b"} 

to String simply adding the quotes “”.
So after you adding the quotes you have

"{"a" : "b"}"

and according to the quotes your string cuts to


It’s not a Backendless issue so we couldn’t help you more here. Maybe this topic could be useful.

Regards, Olga

I’m downloading that json with codeless method (not changing it’s content at all) and pass it to function without adding quotes manually.

Is there a way to pass string parameter with cUrl language, that can contain double quotes
or not adding automatically double quotes at the start and end of the parameter string.

E.g. its convert {json} into “{json}” as shown on screenshot

Everything works as expected - we return the valid JSON and its on your side to make the necessary escaping for your task. This issue is not covered by our free support policy.

Regards, Olga