Passing requestURL response variable to open browser in AppGyver

i’m using AppGyver to call - the request works, it returns a 200 and the request_url string, just like the documentation here (Social and OAuth2 Logins - Backendless REST API Documentation) says.
But, I can’t get AppGyver to let me access that string in the response. I see request_url come back in the browser inspector. But have no way to get it into a variable or pass it through to open a web browser.

@olhadanylova already suggested in Slack, but something is still not correct.

I just get NULL in the requestURLResponse variable.


Many thanks

Hi Paul,

I think this is the kind of question that would be better addressed by the AppGyver support team. Since it is entirely in their system, they would know better how to access that value.


Thanks Mark - I have. Waiting on them to respond.

Hello @paul-barnes,

As I mentioned in Slack, we also have an article that shows the step by step instruction of how to integrate AppGyver with Backendless, maybe it could be useful too. The usage of variables and APIs is also described there.