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Passing user token in js

im trying to publish a message using the code in the documentation but i get the error that the user does not have permission.
im log in the user using REST and i have the user token. how can i set it for my js functions?


Please make sure this user has permissions in this tab


but how to send the logged in user token? i tried ‘user-token’ in the headers and that didn’t work. should i use codeless to send messages since im logged in using codeless. and keep using the js SDK to subscribe to channels

var channel = “TestChannel”,
message = “Hello, world!”,
pubOps = new Backendless.PublishOptions({
headers: {
city: “Tokyo”,
‘user-token’: “value”

Backendless.Messaging.publish( channel, message, pubOps )
.then( function( response ) {
.catch( function( error ) {

  • if you use REST you have to add “user-token” as HTTP Header

  • adding the header into Backendless.PublishOptions is a wrong way

  • if you send messages from Codeless or any other Business Logic lang, ServerCodeUser role will be used

  • Codedless you can logging user using corresponding block, or if you call your ApiService as logged in user from the client the user will assigned inside BusinessLogic automatically

  • if you use JS-SDK after calling login api all the requests will be as from logged in user

Regards, Vlad

i will use codeless then.