Password dropping out with Email settings

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Backendless Version (3.x / 6.x, Online / Managed / Pro )

6.4.11 Version / Cloud99

Application ID


Expected Behavior

email console password. Once setup the email password should remain active.

Please describe the expected behavior of the issue, starting from the first action.

1.Enter email password.
2.Test smpt and receive confirmation that test is working
3. Password for email will not require any further attention

Actual Behavior

  1. Currently exploring how ‘send email’ block works with UI, building large ‘create text’ blocks and adding variables to customise email.
  2. On testing, emails are not sent but console displays timed our errors
  3. On navigating to smpt within console and testing smpt I receive ‘no password’ error.
  4. re-enter password, test, receive confirmation that smpt is working.
  5. repeat steps 2 to 4

Hello @Paul_HIllen

Just to clarify, when you specify the correct SMTP settings it stops working after some time, am I right?

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vladimir,
I’m not sure there is a problem with SMPT. It appears it’s more to do with UI not executing current blocks. As mentioned in another post, the UI appears to be unable to create new ‘on click events’ and old delete events are still running.

Sorry, but I’m confused a little.
Could you please specify steps to reproduce your problem, it means:

  1. go to the screen…
  2. select this…
  3. click on this…
  4. try to…

    N) and as you can see this … doesn’t work

Hi, simple example of problem.
Run ‘testUiBlock’. Simple on click event which dispalys a button and on click displays a message. It works.

But if I try to use an onclick with ‘go to page’, 'testUiBlocks I get 'page not found with some data added to the browser api call -

Try running ‘userTopMenu’ to see error replicated.
Click on ‘Add Users’ tile which will produce the page not found error.

I was getting Red ‘Internal Error’ console pops up, ‘Backendless encountered an error while handling the request.’ over the past couple of days. I stumbled on the smpt not appearing to have a password but I think that is’nt the issue as the current tests don’t use any ‘email’ apli blocks.

So, now we’ve got another issue Page Not Found, right?

Yes, another issue, page not found. The example to show the problem used page not found but I’ve been having problems generally with deleting and creating new triggers. I was getting old ‘deleted’ code blocks being exected but I had replaced the code.

ok, let’s fix them one by one

You can see the Page Not Found because there is an extra space in the Text block where you specify the testUiBlocks value, you can see that in the URL as page=%20testUiBlocks

that was a unfortunate mistake.
I’ll take you through the data input to where I’m getting no response from ‘on click event’.

  1. run ‘sigin2’
    2.Press ‘log in’ (email & password’ hard coded)
  2. Pick any of the top 3 buttons (the bottom one forks direction)
  3. Click on ‘Users’ tile
  4. ‘Add user’ Tile
  5. populate ‘invite a user to join’ form. No verfication on email.
  6. click on ‘Send invite’

‘Send invite’ should trigger on click event but nothing happens

Vladimir, I’m away from desk for the rest of the day. So no rush.

I found a problem, there was a problem in the generated file of the OnClick handler,
I have fixed it and it should work now.

Thanks Vladimir.
All the best.