Password not set in Bulk Import for Users from csv

When i uploaded the csv it got updated in the table but when i used the passwords uploaded, i was not able to login through the uploaded passwords have to type the password again from dev console>data>user table to login.


We cannot reproduce your issue. Can you please try it again?
Make the following test: before exporting data add a test user, say, with email "" and password “password”. After exporting/importing try to login through REST console with this user. If this test fails - please send the Users.csv file to so we can check it.
Thank you!
i first exported the Users Table and removed the columns of System level Variables like OwnerIds and all, The Above Named this file as Users.csv uploaded and the entry was there after import, but when i tried to login through my Android App with this “3003 invalid login or password”, after that i changed the password manually from dev console then, i was able to login…

Please Help

why password given in csv is not usable…??

Did you change password value manualy before import?

yes i changed but when i imported the import log said the user already present and gave exception was only able to login through previously manually entered password.

I have to upload 300+ users with their passwords please help me have my deadline.Everything is ready only bulk import user is giving me problem…

As you can see, backendless doesn’t store passwords as is. So when you create user either through Data console/API and pass word “password” as password - it would NOT be saved as “password”! But when you set it directly in “Users.csv” file - it would. That’s why you wasn’t able to login. If you haven’t changed passwords for all other users - then don’t worry, they would be able to login. If you have - export Users table again, do not change anything, and import.

but all the users are new who are not in exported csv, how to set their password while bulk import…

you cannot add new users through import process. the only possibility is to register them through user service api.

Ok, Please include this, it’s very important when you make application for a specific organisation.

Unfortunately this wouldn’t be implemented due to security reasons: holding un-encrypted passwords together with logins, as well as passing this bunch of credentials through network is very insecure. Backendless holds only encrypted user passwords. Also “import” feature is meant to migrate data from one app to another, but not to create new data.