Password recovery by link; could not parse request with message


I have a question about the password recovery by link.
I am using usernames instead of email, but the user is receiving the recovery email.

Then i am directed to the change-password page, and i can fill in and confirm the password.
But when i click save i get the following error:


I think it might be a problem with the link i have put in the email template, what should i exactly fill there?

I’ve looked in your app and noticed that you set another ‘change password’ link.
Could you try to use predefined variables for it ? (see them at the same page as template).

Substitution variables

- User’s identity parameter value

- User’s identity parameter name

- Application name

- Link to change password form page

Hello Oleg,

Thank you! I now changed it to the default variables and now i am a step further.

First i see this message:

The password is then succesfully changed, but the page remains open.
How can this page be closed or redirected to the login page?

When the user accidently clicks twice on enter this error message appears:

I managed to resolve it by change the codeless logic in system > password recovery and publish it.