Password reset error

hi all,
I have an app on Backendless 5 (ID: 89412853-032B-FF86-FFDD-6B698A87F700), which works correctly but in the past few days started giving errors when users attempted to reset their password.

In particular, the app (iOS) displays the following message: " Unable to perform password recovery due to error: Sync DAO methods should be called only from JpaContext/JpaTransaction"

I am unable also from our web platform to reset passwords, as there I get a “bad request”

Can you help us out? Thank you

Hello @Alessandra_Saviotti

We were able to reproduce this problem
I have created internal ticket (BKNDLSS-23757) for this problem

Regard, Viktor

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hi @viktor.liablin, do you have an update on this? Thank you

Hi @Alessandra_Saviotti,

yes, the issue has been fixed and now it is on the testing stage, once our QA department verify it we release it.


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Is there any update on this topic? I’m also having the same error with JS request on resetting password.

Hello @Diogo_Potes,

As Stanislaw said, issue has been fixed and now it is on the testing stage.
We’ll notify you here when it is released.


Hello @Alessandra_Saviotti, @Diogo_Potes

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. Could you kindly let us know whether fix works for you well?


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It’s working now for me.

Many thanks! :slight_smile: