Password reset issues [Error #3074]

I get an error when try to reinitialize the call:
API connect

“There is no ‘email’ user property for the current version.”. But I have an ‘email’ column in Backendless DB and it is the ‘Identity’

I used this info to set up the call:

my URL:

where user-identity-property = ‘
Original of ‘’ is ‘’. I’ve encoded it because the documentation requires it.

I also struggle with the email that I need to send. The link to the HTML page to reset the password looks like that:

where are ‘password’ input and ‘confirm passwords’ input, “submit” button?

I’ve copied a link to the email message from here:

Any help?

Hello @Volodymyr_Humnytskiy.

Your problem will be considered in more detail and will definitely answer you.

Regards, Nikita.

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Hi @Volodymyr_Humnytskiy!

Thank you for contacting us.
Could you, please, provide your app ID?

Regards, Andriy

AppID: 9A0EE5CB-E73B-38E1-FF67-55D050082500

About problem with “restore password” route. Problem was caused by capital letter in email column name. In your app you have “Email” but system expects “email” column. If you change name to “email” it will work. I checked it for mail which you posted here (

Now I am looking into second problerm.

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About your second problem.
I see that you edited template for restoring password and set your own link. You accidentaly make a mistake and specified link for “change_password” folder. That is why you got strange response from server.

It is better to use placeholder in your case. If you go to “Messaging”>“Emails” page and select “User requests password recovery by link” under text editor you will find “Substitution variables” section with list of available placeholders. This placeholders will be replaced by actual values before email is send. I strictly recommend to use them if they suit your needs. In your case, instead of direct link you should use {change_link} placeholder. In this case, when user requests password change, Backendless will replace placeholder with actual “restore password” link before sending email.

Could you, please, try it out and write me back about results?

Regards, Andriy

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Sorry for my silence. I would come back today later.

@Andriy_Konoz, everything works. Thanks.

@Volodymyr_Humnytskiy, it is great!

I hope that you will enjoy further work with Backendless.