Password reset not working (backendless 3, happening every few months)

hi team,

We are unable to use the password reset (app ID: 9088AF67-1648-1726-FF09-A51862BF1A00). Backendless 3. Users are experiencing problems in production, receiving the following message:

“Unable to complete operation. Backend application is not properly configured. Contact the application developer and report a problem with Email Configuration”

Nothing has changed in the configuration, which seems to still be set exactly as it should be, with password reset with link, and the other option (just password reset), disabled.

Can you please look into it?

Thank you for your help as usual

hello @Alessandra_Saviotti

I was able to reproduce the issue, internal ticket BKNDLSS-27986. We will notify you whenever it will be fixed.

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@Alessandra_Saviotti we have fixed the issue, please check if it works for you, sorry for the inconvenience.

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hello team, would you mind checking this again? users are reporting not being able to reset their password.

thank you for your help.

hello @sergey.kuk , can you please have a look? thank you

Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti
I checked the problem by sending letters for recovery password and I do not see the problem, check whether this is the problem we are struggling with?
It would also be good to get steps to reproduce the problem.