Paste (or Clone) Component Copied From Another Page

Hi there: Is it possible to copy and paste a UI component from one page onto another page? It feels like it should be possible (I see it’s possible with logic: UI-Builder "Copy and Paste" VISUAL BUG - #4 by Marco_D_Alessandria).

I can successfully command+c (copy) then command+v (paste) a component on the same page. When I command+c and then command+v onto a new page though, nothing pastes.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hello @Grace_Young

Welcome to the community!
You can copy ui-component with command+c between pages. But you can use the “Make Reusable” feature to share your ui-component between pages.


I see the same behavior as Grace: Cntl+c then Cntl+v copies a component on the same page, but if the Cntl+v is on another page, nothing shows up.

Thanks for responses. Viktor, I assume you meant that “can**'t** copy ui-component”.

I’ll try make reusable.