"Path contains prohibited symbols"

I use javascript on the backendless “file > web” hosting now.
and sometimes I have to upload the image file which named in Korean.

then, I met the message below

"Object {code: 6006, message: "Path contains prohibited symbols: Theme/1456979668462/%EA%B2%AC%EC%A0%81.png “}”

according to Googling, there are no way to change file name on client side(using javascript).
so is there any way to solve the problem?

Hi Choi,

I am assigning this to a developer to investigate further.


Hi Choi,
thank you for reporting your issue.

We have fixed this issue in the last release.
Please, try again and let us know if everything is okay now.


Hi Yashchenko,

thanks for your effort.
I will try again.

Sang Gyu

I have the same issue calling Backendless.Files.moveFile
Path contains prohibited symbols: https:/api.backendless.com/3187b2ff-f358-3718-ff42-73d067052100/v1/files/import%2FEC8A00C1-08DE-82E7-FF4C-BAB5EB1D9F0011b00-photo_client_20160525_194838.jpg ’ }