Payment failed


My last billing date was 6th oct,2019 (yesterday) for developer plan. The payment failed and even though the services are still working, I don’t want any interruption because of the payment issue. I have checked my card and its working fine. Could your team initiate payment deduction once more from the same saved card? If it fails again, i will add another card. But i request that the same card to be tried once more.


Hello @Pranav_Patel

Please provide your Application ID

Application Id

@Pranav_Patel the only error that we see is:

    result_code: Error
      code: E00027
      text: This transaction has been declined.

next try will be today at 4:22 PM UTC

Ok. If it fails again, i will update new card. Hopefully, there will be no need.

Thanks for the help Sergey.

I tried to update new credit card details but that too is failing to transact. Please help

Hi @Pranav_Patel

Please contact your bank to find out why your payment has been declined.

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