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Payment Issues

(Youssef Fitasse) #1

Hi There

We need you to send us a payment request, Because we have to pay the bill,
but trough your landing page there are some issues
appID: D47C16E4-5548-E79C-FF19-9D440EFB4800

Thank you.

We have updated the credit Card but nothing has Changed

(Mark Piller) #3

Hello Youssef,

We have re-processed the subscription and the payment went through. Your app should be active now.

Is this post related to the same problem?


(World Vision Canada) #5

Hi Mark,

I never received the invoice for Sept for our subscription. We will need the invoice to reconcile for Accounting. Can you have the invoice for World Vision ( emailed to me? Thank you. Eliza Rodgers

(Mark Piller) #6

Hi Eliza,

The information in our system indicates that the billing invoices are sent to J.Folkema’s email address. Please send me a direct email ( if you’d like to make any changes in the account.


(World Vision Canada) #7

Hi Mark, Could you resend the invoice to Josh Folkema? He doesn’t have it, and Procurement is chasing us for the invoice.

(Mark Piller) #8

Done. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.