Payment processing with backendless

I am planning to integrate payment processing (such as braintree or stripe) with my mobile app.

But all these payment processors require server code to run (they do provide php sample code to do). My question is can this be handled with backendless and is php supported ?
Also do you perhaps have docs on doing that?

Thank you


There is no built-in support for systems like this (though I’m not sure if any is required), but it’s totally possible to run server code. We only support server code in JavaScript and Java, and also a GUI Codeless tool is available, but no PHP support for now.
You can find the docs for custom serverside logic on the doc page in the bottom, for the language you’d like:

Thank you for your answer. That’s good we can use server logic
I find you guys have everything but this lack of support for php is really a drawback since alot of backend codes especially those that websites run are in PHP (this maybe a bold statement but I find it to be most common among any integration tutorial or when external api integration is requiredl)

I really hop you add php at some point

I understand your point, though we found JavaScript & NodeJS to be the most common, not PHP :slight_smile: To prove my words, both Braintree and Stripe have JS/NodeJS SDKs.
We actually had support for PHP business logic earlier in version 3, but we found that it’s too expensive for us to support it at the moment. Too few users did use that comparing to the amount of JS and Java users, so we had to get rid of it in version 4. But as an engineer, I would of course be happy to see PHP support in the future, too - along with Python, Go or any other of your liking :slight_smile:

You got me there :slight_smile:
Thank you for the quick support. I guess I will use Java or JavaScript.
Just last question, if I install libraries (say npm install npm) then I assume you support that right? Where do I run this command?

You run it locally when you develop your handler or service, and then when you deploy the code - the whole node_modules folder will be deployed along with your code. Here is an example: