Performance Issues EU server

I m currently facing very slow Backendless performance on Backendless Browser Menu and all API calls, across all tables and Backendless menus. EU server

working again

There was a problem with EU cluster.
The discussion was in general chat in Slack. I’ll copy the meaning part:

Oleg Vyalyh
We found the problem and are working on fixing it.

Oleg Vyalyh
The problem was fixed. Could you try, does it work for you?

Joris Bouwman
Yes seems to work now thanks.Can i ask what the problem was?

Oleg Vyalyh
The cause was the Hazelcast cluster. One of the nodes behaved unstable – worked properly, but didn’t join the cluster. (edited)

thanks Oleg, is there a way to join the slack channel? the invite link in the navigation is not working anymore.

Try the link from this topic, please.

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The link at the top of the support site was also changed.