Permission Roles


Could you help me to clarify
permission roles please. Im trying to make an app that works with the
roles capability of Backendless, at the beginig my test worked well,
but since I add a custom role, and did a a lot of test and then delete
the role(all in the rest console) it seems to be fail the queries I send
from the rest console:

I have:
Global permissions.- All down for all roles

Table permissions.-All down(explicity with red mark) for all roles

object permission-All down(Users and roles) (explicity with red mark)

Then when I make a get request from rest console(with or without login): I get results.

Why? all my permission are disabled. It seems like the deleted role was not cleared.


Thank you for your support.


Now it seems to work. What I did: Reset all the toogles to the gray mark(inherited). I don’t undestand why the explicity red mark does not work.

If someone has the same problem just set the global permissions again and inherited the permissions to the other layers.

By the way this article helps a lot: