Search through email addresses

My users are identified by a “username” property. But for the sake of not having users signing up with multiple accounts, I would like to iterate through all email properties of my user table before registering a user to see if it can find a match and alert so to the user.

How can this be done? And if possible, will it be an extremely slow process? The fastest possible search would be to prefer.

Regards, B

I would run a client-initiated query into the Users table to check if there are any users with the specified email address. So basically a Data Service request for the find() api with the following whereClause:

email = ‘<user email address>’

How do I make the query search through the User table? Since I store these sort of properties to the currently logged in user and not a separate table I’m not sure which “xxx.class” to run through.

When you need to load a collection of objects from the table “XXX”, you use Backendless.Data.of( XXX.class ). If you need to load user objects, then you send your query to Backendless.Data.of( BackendlessUser.class ).