Permissions to particular users ??

Hi -
Say I have 2 custom roles - ‘A’ and ‘B’.
Now for a particular data object (table row) - how can I set permissions to achieve below (say to read):

  1. All users with role ‘B’ are allowed
  2. Owner (who has role A) is allowed
  3. One more particular user with role A (not owner) is allowed
  4. All other users of role A (except above two) are NOT allowed.

I thought of various combinations - but not able to find a solution.
Please help.

Hi, Aditya.

Try to move a group of users (who have personal access) in a separate role.
If you set access for particular row like this Role_A=false and user1=true, then “false and true” = false, i.e. the user1 won’t have an access.
Also please, investigate documentation