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PHP: Receiving the same published message many times, why?

(Starscream) #1

I’m publishing a message on a custom channel with specific headers.

When I subscribe to the channel and filter the messages by the header, using a custom JAVA class, the message is processed and removed from the channel (I can see it from the console messaging view in the browser).
While using a PHP script, which is called periodically every 10 seconds, the messages is processed BUT it is not removed from the channel. Hence I receive the same message many times!
Could you explain me why it happens?
Thanks for the answer!

(Ilya Veklenko) #2

Hi Starscream,
Please provide us the file with the small PHP example to reproduce your issue. You can send it to
Regards, Ilya

(Starscream) #3


I’ve just sent the PHP code example.

Thank you for your support!

(Mark Piller) #4

When you retrieve with PHP, does the message also stay in console and is never removed?

(Starscream) #5

Yes, it keeps staying in the console and it is removed after a bit of time (around 60 seconds)