PHP - Relations (Save) -> Error: Missing ___class property for entity: __relations

I made a simple PHP app based on this example in the docs:

I did the exact same thing in my code yet I’m still getting this error:

"Uncaught exception ‘backendless\exception\BackendlessException’ with message ‘Backendless API return error: Missing ___class property for entity: __relations Error code:1020’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\RelationsBackendless\backendless\src\lib\RequestBuilder.php:162 "

I’ve tried saving relations before, working on my real app, and it showed me the exact same error. So, after doing some reasearch, I’ve came to find out that this error happens to others as well. The problem is that none of the provided answers helped me solve this basic problem.

Does anyone have an clear answer to this? Thanks.

Hi Igor,

We are working on this issue.



OK, thanks for the reply.

When are you going to solve this issue?

When are you going to solve this issue? Because I’m getting same error in android, too.

I am still getting this error

i am also facing the same issue i.e Missing Class property for entity __relations …please provide a fix for this issue as declaring relations among tables in not possible in PHP till this issue is not solved … thanks in advance

Has a fix been found yet?