Please help with Subscription Cancelled status

I have a red “Subscription Cancelled” banner when logged in to my account.
This is because my trial expired and I just returned after a few weeks working on something else.
I added Billing Info and worked to continue the Missions to get the Springboard plan enabled (almost there). However, I cannot continue even with the missions because of the following error - which I am sure is related “The application has been blocked due to exceeding a limit”.

Can you please reinstate my subscription (or trial status if needed) so I can continue.
Best regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

We can reinstate the subscription, but a valid billing plan must be selected. Since Springboard has not been unlocked, it would be either Cloud9 or Cloud99. Please let me know which one you would like to go with.


Hi - :slight_smile: but i’m not ready to select a plan yet…
Can’t you please reinstate my trial for another 2 weeks or give me the Springboard for a couple of weeks …
It’s almost like a catch 22 that i need a paid plan to continue the missions to get the free plan.

Is that possible?

Best regards, Thomas

Unfortunately it is not possible - we have no way of controlling trial duration, it is baked into the subscription system. You can delete the expired app and create a new one, it will start with a new trial. Your mission progress will not be lost.


Hi Mark,
Got it - thanks that makes sense!
Sorry i thought this is on an account basis.
Great to know that its possible to select a plan per application.
I’m all set, appreciate your quick help.
Best regards, Thomas