Please make it possible to Import a child table that relates to an existing parent table that is already in Backendless?

Hi. It sure would be helpful if there’s a way we can add split imports where we don’t need to do a massive import in the beginning with all the tables and relationships pointing to each other.

Is this on the roadmap at all? Thanks!

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Hi William,

Is the idea to be able to add records through the import and set them as related to the objects already in the database?


Yes but I want to clarify that my desire is to import brand new object/tables that will relate to other objects in the system and not just add new records into an existing object that already has it’s relationships defined.

I believe Backendless able to import new records and do not change already existed ones.
Have you tried to:

  1. make an export of several tables (with relationships)
  2. clean up those files content
  3. add your in a format understandable for the server (you can use files/content from the first point)

Regards, Vlad

I was hoping that I didn’t need to export any tables first just to establish the relationship on a single table import.

I’d like to make a simple feature suggestion.

Replace the “relatedTable” objectId tag I’ve highlighted with 2 options.

“relatedTable_internal” for doing single table imports that can be related to “internal” tables already in Backendless.

“relatedTable_external” for doing the multiple table imports that are related to the “external” csv files.

Hope you guys find this useful. Thanks! William