Please support Sugar ORM for models in Android

Sugar ORM is the easyest way to use SQL in Android, is plain simple. But I currently have to have 2 models, once for connecting with Backendless and another for saving in local.
This happens cause Sugar ORM requieres de model is extended with a collection, like this:

public class MyModel extends SugarRecord<MyModel> {/*variables and getters and setters*/}

Also the constructor must be able to accept multiple params:

public class MyModel extends SugarRecord<MyModel> {
 String someString;
 String anotherString;
 public MyModel(){
 public MyModel(String someString, String anotherString){
 this.someString = someString;
 this.anotherString = anotherString;

Off course you can see the official documentation here:
Supporting Sugar ORM will be a great feature to easily create offline/online apps.
Hope you consider it. Thanks.

Hi Erick,

Our vision for providing this kind of functionality is through code generators. We will be opening up the code generation framework and anyone would be able to create custom code generators.


Hello Mark

What? Are you gonna create an API to use SQL database along with your on-line DB?

If you do it awesome, but otherwise… maybe I didnt understood.


That too ))

Please dont play with my heart. Android dev, is a pain in the ass, cause… cause a lot! First the env is still not that good, but the Android API requieres too many lines of codes and more than necesary overrides to do simple stuff. If uou can deal with bakend offline and online, and keep a simple code as you have now, you are going to be like the Android Annotations of backends.

This is a big deal for me!

We will be announcing a bunch of stuff soon. Stay tuned.

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