Please verify new table columns were added to all database copies in our cluster (I got an error with one of them)

Hi Backendless team,

We have a managed server and we are preparing for a new release of our mobile game so I needed to add two new columns to our User table in our Rewardify_Prod app. Our User table currently has over 300k rows.

The first column I added, “recoveryGuid” (a string) and went fine.

The second column I added, “accountRecoveries” (an integer, with default value of zero) showed a red error box in the upper-right corner of the console. I don’t remember exactly what it said but it was something like, “Error: accountRecoveries already exists” (or, it might have been “doesn’t exist”).

I tried to add it again, but it said it already existed. After about a minute, the new column appeared and had the correct default value.

I slacked with Mark and he asked me open a support topic requesting that a BE person verify that these two new columns exist in all copies of the database in our cluster.

I also added one new column to our UserAppData table called, “gameSaveData” (a string).

I also added four new rows to our InstantWinPrizes table. They have “prizeValue” field (a double) of 250, 500, 1000 and 2500.

I also need to deploy new server code but will wait until I hear back that these new columns exist in all copies of the database in our cluster. Thank you!

Hello @Brian_Goble,

I have checked DB, all columns are present. One thing that was odd, that there was no default value for accountRecoveries so I have added default value by changing column in backendless console.

Thanks Sergey. In the future, when I update tables in Rewardify_Prod should I kick everyone out of our mobile game before making changes to the tables? Would that make it easier for the system to fully update?

it should not be a big problem for the system to add new column

Ok, thank you for the clarification.