POINT in custom service response is always 0.0 0.0

Hello. I would have the following problem with the Custom services, POINT and the Android SDK:

Backendless Version - 6.0.1

Client SDK - Android

Application ID - EEB0D956-B06D-88EE-FFB5-F17A2C993A00

Expected Behavior

  1. Custom service is invoked from client with parameters latitude, longitude, objectid of parent among others
  2. The service creates a table entry, sets relations with parent, creates a POINT with the given lat and long and sets that point as the ‘coordinates’ field value
  3. Created object is returned to client with the same coordinates as they were given in step 1.

Actual Behavior

    1. No unexpected behavior - The object is created, coordinates are stored correctly
  1. Client always receives a POINT(0.0 0.0) in the response, as opposed to the correct coordinates.

When using the default findById on the same table, the location is returned correctly. Also, when looking at the JSON response, the location property is there and is identical to the response returned by the findById.

Thank You in advance!

Hello @Hunor_Barabas

I looking into it.


I reproduce issue and internal ticket BKNDLSS-22451 is created, we will notify here when it fixed.

Hello @Vladimir_Yalovy,

Are there any updates on this issue? Thank You in advance!

Kind Regards,
Hunor Barabas

Hello @Hunor_Barabas

The problem has been fixed. Now this fix is being tested by our QA team. After that, the fix will be released. As soon as this happens, we will inform you in this topic additionally.

Hi, @Hunor_Barabas

Sorry for a long reply and thanks for your patience. We’ve updated our cloud servers with a fix for you. Please verify whether everything works fine now.