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How do I create a pop up dialog box to seek confirmation after click a button ?


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Hi @Deric_Voon

Currently there is no such UI component. I created the internal ticket BKNDLSS-23984 to implement it.

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Checking in if you guys are planning on Implementing this one? (a popup UI component)

I found a tutorial posted in here for a workaround but a component would be awesome.

Thank you very much indeed!

PS, I think I may mean a modal, but the basic idea is to put a new window up to the user while the back is greyed out and you can still see the application running in the background, may have to work on multiple pages, but Im still wrestling in my head with how to structure a complex app, meaning how many things do I want to put on one page as I am in the process of learning Backendless now!

Iā€™m using https://sweetalert2.github.io/
Highly recommended.


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Hello @Kierre_Reeg and @Klaas_Klever,

As Maksym said, we have it on our roadmap. Unfortunately right now I cannot provide any estimates for that ticket.


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