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Populating a message list with messages saved in Backendless Data Base

Hi All,

I have successfully got my real time messages saved into the Database using a after publish API Event,

I have tried using the set dynamic list function to populate the list with saved messages on page enter, however during page load one briefly sees the messages then they disappear, forgive my ignorance but is this not caused by a conflict between the RT Message listener and the set dynamic list function.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Hi. Could please be more precise.
Provide AppID, sdk type version, if you are using it.
Provide example of code / data structure.
What and where knobs have you already used?

If the messages disappear from your UI, I suspect it would be because the data model for the component is reset. I highly doubt it has anything to do with the RT Message listener.

Hi @oleg-vyalyh and @mark-piller

thanks for your responses, please see screenshots of relevant logic.

I Think @mark-piller hit the nail on the head, just need to figure out what i am doing wrong.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Hi Raymond,

Your “Dynamic Items Logic” should return a collection of objects. I see you retrieve database data, set it as dynamic list items and then return “messages” from “Workspace Data”. I am not sure what data is in “Workspace Data”, but that part doesn’t seem to look right.


Apologies, for the late reply been focusing on other aspects of the app, The solution as always was pretty easy…

Thanks all