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I am following the UI Builder Masterclass and I am currently on the lesson Database Integration - Saving data in the database.
I am having difficulty populating the dropdown list and I can not see where my error is. I should be most grateful if you could tell me where I am going wrong.
My App ID is 6D2C2C30-83EE-46ED-FF0E-5148247B1500
Dudley Horner

Hello @Dudley_Horner,

If you open the Console Inspector, you’ll see the error that says about the invalid option item in the Select Component:

The root of this problem is that you trying to set the objectid property of the retrieved item to the value. But it should be objectId (property names are case sensitive):

last image

Hope it will help and thank you for using Backendless.


Thanks very much Olha, the dropdown works just fine now. However, I now have the problem that when the address is created the name of the neighbourhood does not show up in the hood column only “1:1 Relation”.

You can set the Identification Column to show the neighbourhood name instead of 1:1 Relation (select name from the dropdown or any other column).

Thanks Olha. It’s all working perfectly now.
I’m very grateful for all your help. You have been very patient.

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Glad my answers helped you.
Please let us know if you have any further questions in future.