Possible to disable some options in selector component but still display them?

The Selector component lets us show different options to a user where they can choose one of them. Works great.

We have a situation where we would like to show a user all the options of a selector, but have some of them be un-selectable (quasi-disabled) because they require the user to be in a certain state (lets say for example they have to be upgraded to a paid plan).

Is it possible to configure a selector in this way, where All options “A,B,C,D” are shown to the user but only some options “A,B” are selectable? If so, how would we go about implementing this?

Hello @Alex_Klein,

I have checked the component’s logic and unfortunately don’t see a way to disable options for now.
But we can add this feature, so I created an internal ticket based on your request.
Will keep you updated here.